Let’s talk about hazon vision

Join our Pastoral Overseer, Pastor Darren Sim, and Online Campus Pastor, Pastor Josh Holohan, as they unpack this year’s theme of the year: Hazon Vision.

Why is hazon vision so important and how can it help you in your daily life? How can you tell if your hazon vision is from God? Grab your Bible and journal and join the discussion as our Pastors break down all these and more. Feel free to take part in the digital care group session on your own or together with friends and family!

This session is based on the messages:

  • Joseph Prince—The Year of Hazon Vision (3 Jan 2021) [Sermon Notes]
  • Joseph Prince—Position Yourself To See His Hazon Vision (10 Jan 2021) [Sermon Notes]

Check out the resources for this session here:

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Questions about Hazon Vision

For this digital care group session on Hazon Vision, we have received some questions from our members. Here are our thoughts on hazon vision that our team would like to share with you.

  • Is a hazon vision a literal picture from God that we see inside our mind or a mental image pictured from Bible verses?
  • Are we supposed to believe for separate visions for the various areas of our life (relationships, finances, health, etc)?
  • Do we expect one hazon vision for the year or a series of visions?
  • Joel 2:28 says the male sees visions, while the female prophesy – does this mean that women don’t see visions?

A hazon vision is a prophetic vision from God, or to put it very simply, it is seeing what God sees in your situation. Often, there is a great disparity between what you see in your life and what the Lord says about your situation. By putting your focus on God’s hazon vision, you are allowing it to align your experience with what He has already promised in His Word. As you speak it forth, the vision in your heart will be manifested in your life!

Today, because Jesus has been glorified, we can be sure that the Holy Spirit (Who reveals God’s hazon visions and dreams to us) has been given to us (see John 7:39). God has given all of us the ability to see His visions for our own lives (see Acts 2:17-18) and this is our rightful inheritance as children of God.

There are several ways a hazon vision can be received. At times, it may be in the form of a vision or symbol that comes to mind (see Hosea 12:10) as you actively ask God for His visions and pray in the Spirit (see Hab. 2:1). These symbols usually represent something, for example, God gave the apostle Peter a vision of many different animals and called them all clean, signifying that Peter should go to the Gentiles to preach to them for the Lord has called them clean (see Acts 10).

A hazon vision can also be received from the Word of God. The Bible is a picture book filled with many visions and pictures of what God has promised you in the various areas of your life, as well as your life overall. Whether it’s in the area of marriage, family, career, or finances, among others, God has given you countless faith pictures in His Word to remind you of what He sees for your life.

As the Lord moves in your life and brings a particular hazon vision to pass, you can always ask Him for a fresh vision and follow His leading for the next step or season of your life!

  • How do we live/move forward with confidence to make the right life decisions in the absence of vision?

Before God does something good in your life, He first gives you a vision. He wants to fill your heart with faith pictures for your future! This is because to have hope is to have a positive expectation of good in the future, and we cannot have that without having a vision from the Lord. It is through these simple pictures that He will lead you to where you need to be.

Regardless of whether you have received a hazon vision for a particular issue or area of your life yet, the Lord leads you through the Holy Spirit, your Helper, and supplies the wisdom and direction that you need. He delights in you asking for wisdom and gives it to you liberally and without reproach (see James. 1:5).

As you seek the Lord’s leading in your life, the Holy Spirit guides you with His peace. Let the peace from Christ act as umpire continually in your heart (see Col. 3:15 AMPC), giving you a green light or red light. His peace will keep you on the right track.

After seeking the Lord and weighing the pros and cons of your situation, it is always wise to consult godly counsel on your decision (see Prov. 13:20, Prov. 11:14). This counsel can be your pastors and leaders, or simply someone who knows you, your tendencies and blind spots, and who is willing to speak God’s wisdom to you.

Lastly, the Holy Spirit will lead you as you take action. He testifies of and confirms God’s Word in our spirit (see Rom. 8:16 AMP). However, He is only able to bear witness to something that has already happened. Hence, in order for the Spirit to bear witness (lead you), you need to take the first step. For example, if you are seeking a new job, send out applications and go for interviews. As you get a sense of the interviewer and the environment, you’ll sense whether there is peace to accept the job or seek another opportunity.

  • Are a husband and wife supposed to see the same hazon vision?
  • How can we involve our children in hazon vision with us?

As a family or a body of Christ flows in the same Spirit and in love, they will always be in agreement and of one mind (see Phil. 2:1-2). The Holy Spirit speaks to us on the wavelength of peace (see John 14:26–27). Even if spouses or family members do not receive the exact same hazon vision, they will flow in unity as they follow the peace and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Seeking a hazon vision together as a family is a powerful and wonderful thing! As you seek God’s faith pictures for your family members and meditate on the Word together, His love unites you as one (see Col. 3:14). When you come together in agreement and declare forth His Word, the Lord is in your midst and surely His hazon vision and promises will come to pass (see Matt. 18:20)!

One of the ways that you can talk about hazon vision as a family is to carry out the activity shared in the this digital care group together and list down the hazon visions that the Lord has given you. You can even draw the faith pictures with the accompanying scriptures, and place them around your house as a constant reminder of God’s promises to you and your family. As you see each hazon vision being fulfilled, why not celebrate and thank the Lord as a family, reminding each other of His unfailing love and goodness?

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Thank you so much! This truly is a gift the Lord Jesus has led me to! I’m so excited and encouraged with the words spoken over me, was as if Jesus designed them just for me! Took down notes to use as a “pattern” to help me meditate on the positive expectations of God’s goodness for me! Just found this site! Have been watching Pastor Prince since 2009. This actually help me to feel part of God’s family as I do not attend a church right at the moment. I have been praying for the Lord to prepare me for the grace filled church for me that teaches righteousness by faith NOT works. He has brought this into my life. I feel like I can belong instead of just being fed alone. THANKS TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND ALL OF YOU!

One thing that really touched me is what Joseph Prince said, almost in passing, about staying on Mt. Zion, the place of God’s supply. I believe that I and so many others, have been used to leaning so hard on our circumstances being what we want. But I believe that leaning on our worldly circumstances is like being on Mt. Sinai, the place of demand.

Lately, I have been working on going to Jesus no matter what the circumstances. At work, I have been having problems with a new boss who doesn’t seem to like me (a very old problem with me). I feel myself getting depressed like I used to be. But instead, I start praying in tongues because I don’t know what to do other than look to Jesus. Pretty soon the Lord helps me with his presence and I feel lifted up and remember scriptures about how the Lord promises his presence and his deliverance.

I’m learning to rest, flow, and reign, and remain on the city of Mt. Zion where I have God’s super-abundant supply and not going back to Mt. Sinai and the demands of life and work, but focusing on the victory of Jesus in my life. I feel more joy and peace even in the problem of a shaky relationship with my boss. God is with me and his victory is with me.

What I’ve been learning is to handle a matter wisely is to simply trust the Lord. “He that handles a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusts in the LORD, happy is he” (Proverbs 16:20).

Last edited 25 days ago by James W. Newell

Directions on writing the vision down is very scriptural. Habakkuk 2 refers to writing the vision and make it plain, so those that read can run. It speaks of endurance for the vision to be fulfilled even if it tarries. We have a promise that the vision God gives us will come to pass.
Thank you pastors, for sharing step by step the processes of the Hazon Vison. You have reminded my wife and I to stop and wait on the Lord for His vision. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Ecc 9:11 The young must rest for the vision to come not rush it to happen.
Blessings from Gary and Sherry Lagos, Woodway, Texas

Thank you for answering all my questions! Between the enjoyable and informative digital care group after this morning’s service and the detailed Hazon vision answers above, I’m no longer confused and look forward to applying what we talked about today. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put these resources together.

This was awesome! One of my pressing questions regarding Hazon vision has been how do I know when it’s a vision from Yah versus my own “want” vision. I think Pastors Darren and Josh did a great job talking through Hazon vision. The peace from Yah is a great indicator of our Hazon Vision in our lives. This group session was so liberating! Thank you Pastors for bringing more clarity in Christ Jesus to our Hazon visions!!!

Great sharing, thank you pastors!

I am thankful that GRC had the vision for this online digital church and care group. It’s a blessing!

Thank you, we now see that answers to questions are available here. Shalom, Ken and Lea Ann

Thank you Pastor Josh and Pastor Darren. I just stumbled on this resource and was encouraged by the practical strategies for applying Hazon Visions.

I want to say how precious it was to hear Pastor Darren describe how Pastor Prince deals with challenges of health in his own body, filling himself with God’s vision for healing. This was impactful to me, Thank you!

I love the way that the church shares the news of Jesus. Love from Netherlands

My husband and I do so much appreciate this digital church, with Pastors Josh and Darren. We appreciate the Lord’s Hazon Vision in coming up with this idea. Thank you for all you do for us! Please keep us posted on when we will get together digitally again.