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The Healing Power of a Joyful Heart

Pastor Joseph Prince

This service was previously screened on March 21, 2021 and it features the sermon, “The Healing Power of a Joyful Heart,” preached by Pastor Prince on August 6, 2017. We pray you are greatly blessed by the service.

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Don Page

I grateful to have found this ministry

City, State

Thanks to Pastor Prince, I am a New Testament Student, but, I do love to read about the “Old Folks” in the Old Testament, Thank You, Pastor Prince.

City, State
Buddy Petroff

Thank you, brethren. I am so grateful to feed myself with The Bread of Life via this web service.

City, State
Mindine Nyambi

This is my church and I am so grateful for the privilege 🙏 🙌

City, State
College Station
j Kneefel-Tervelde

The GRC has made my life beautiful

City, State
Dieren nederland
Melissa Ramirez

I thank you Jesus for your finished works on the cross.

City, State
ThediciplewhomJesusluvs! Smith

So so grateful for JPMinistries and GRC and Pastor Prince for preaching and teaching The Gospil of Grace. I need Jesus continually every moment every day and I can understand the Bible so much more clearer through Pastor Prince annointed way of unveiling Jesus and the unconditional love in his sermons. God bless you and everyone who’s apart of your ministry. Thanks everyone for your prescious time and all your efforts and all you do at Joseph Prince Ministries and Digital Church GRC online! Thank you soooo much!!!!

City, State
debra lloyd

ive always admired him


Amen! Prayer’s for physical, emotional, spiritual, all healing’s, peace and joy. Thank you and God bless you!

City, State
Rapids, Wisconsin
Dominique watson

Pray for my healing of muscles in the back, neck, from headaches.

City, State
debra lloyd

in Jesus name

Darcee Anthony

I am praying now for your healing! God is faithful and Jehovah Rapha is our healer. 🩸📖✝️🙏🏼🕊

City, State
Tall Timbers, Maryland, USA


City, State
Hudson Massachusetts

I’m new

City, State

Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Holy one of God our Father is our Great Healer Blessed be his Holy name and Glory to God our Father for ever and ever Amen.

City, State
Canton Ohio
Sarah Mahlake


City, State
Johannesbury, South Africa

Amen,I have been blessed with the surmon.

City, State

Sermons from Pastor Prince are living.

City, State
Eastpoint, Florida
Marcella Ashe

I love Pastor Prince’s Healing and Communion Sermons!! I feel the healing and blessings from both sermons.

City, State
Darcee Anthony

I got Pastor Prince’s DVD set on communion and his books on healing Scriptures. I was diagnosed with Stage 4, Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and my Oncologist told me she was not certain I would live long enough to receive chemotherapy. I began taking daily communion as Pastor Prince lays out in the DVD set. By my next appointment the lumps could no longer be felt. They insisted on surgery but surgery showed one lymph node which was cancerous so was removed, but not one single cancer cell was found in my breast. I am four years cancer-free now, One year later, a PET Scan showed not one cancer cell anywhere in my body, Hallelujah!!! By His stripes we have been healed!🙏🏼✝️📖🕊🩸

City, State
Tall Timbers, Maryland, USA

I am thankful for my family and what God is doing in our lives. Blessed be The most High God!

City, State
Camden, TN
Son loved Forgiven

thank you Jesus for loving me

City, State
ThediciplewhomJesusluvs! Smith

Many,many thanks to Pastor Prince and GRC Pastor’s and all who participate and for everyone’s hard work and dedication!💯

City, State
West Monroe, Louisiana
debra lloyd


Marissa Cerezo

I’m so thankful for the sermons I’ve been reading and hearing from Josephprince app. and sharing them as well with my relatives and friends during our virtual Bible studies. God bless you and keep on sharing the good news.

City, State
debra lloyd

amen and yes

Charles Mwenda

Hello everyone

City, State
Darcee Anthony

Hello from the Eastern shore of the United States!😃🤩😇🤗🙏🏼🕊📖✝️

City, State
Tall Timbers, MD, USA
Adetola Obioma

Thank you . Grateful for this family

City, State
giovanni capista

thank God for his Goodness, Praise Him, for His Greatness, His love and mercy is forever and Worship is Holy Name

City, State
woodbridge ontario canada
Sonia D Burman

Hello angels! That was a heavy demonstration. My Jesus lives and I will not question when he is here with me in person! The BIBLE tells me so. What more? LOL

City, State
Randall. Bonds

I just became a Grace partner in January, thank you Heavenly Father I praise God for this ministry. Through this ministry I was able to quit smoking after 54 years by saying I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I’ve tried everything else nothing worked. I started saying that as I was smoking. In less than 2 weeks I quit for good praise the Lord.

City, State
Tampa,Fl. 33612
Robert Dungan

I AM The Righteousness of GOD In Christ Jesus, by HIS Finished WORKS. Amen. Thank You Abba for Sending Your Son, who is The Author and Finisher Of Our FAITH, and WILL FINISH THE GOOD WORKS HE HAS BEGUN IN US. Amen.



City, State


City, State
Ginny Flecher

So so grateful for God’s Grace

City, State
Ellwood City
GG Verone

God goes before us and makes easy our way!

David Word

Powerful Word of God

Rosa Maria Martinez

I can’t wait til the day comes that my husband and I will be on fire on the walk the Lord has called us to walk. Please help us pray for the walk to be sooner and later. And the business we are trying to come up with be the best ..we love to bless many people with wat we have .. blessings my family. Thank u☺️

City, State
Joey Ong

Praying for you and your husband, Rosa! Also wanted to invite you to join us at our online church lobby (lobby.gracerevonline.com) where you can fellowship with others from our GRC Online community. At the lobby, you can share your prayer requests, testimonies, and support others in their journey with the Lord. We hope to see you there!

Deborah Anderson

Joyful Heart

City, State
Hemet, Ca 92544
Melissa Brickey

Thankful for our digital community to further reach others to increase the Father’s kingdom. Growth in grace and the joining together of brothers and sisters.

City, State
Kingsport, TN
Lois Fredrick

Oh my, I was a Christian since I was 23 & got sidetracked but the Grace Gospel has brought me ways to speak out and say, I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I knew the Lord was on high but how high ⌛️ out of time. So Thankful, I can understand that God is truer than ever.

City, State
Walworth, Wisconsin 53184
Lois Fredrick

I need to continue, now I am 72. Been a Christian for a long time but like Prince, who also trusts Christ, I love to sing. “There is a fountain filled with 🩸 blood.” Song 🎵 🎶. I began with TBN. Soooooo exciting.

Barry Owens

Thankful for his grace

City, State
Atlanta Georgia

Wow the grace of God has safe my life . I thank Jesus for his righteousness. So grateful to found this ministry 😊😊😊

City, State
Brookyln New York
Allison Daley


City, State
West Palm Beach Florida
Arlin Chavis

Trying to find the GRC in Dallas- Ft. Worth, Texas

City, State
Presently Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

That He loves me and watches over me. Also very thankful for great teaching

City, State
Queens New York
Will Gray


City, State

Hi Ps. Josh have been watching your services online. It’s July 3rd 2022 now and would to know more about GRACE Academy mentioned.
Thank you.

City, State
American Samoa -96799
Maurice Wright

Thankful God for being able to worship with this fellowship

City, State
Oklahoma City

I am so grateful for GRC. I was facing so many challenges. My son stopped believing in God because of his challenges. By watching and praying with someone from GRC gave me hope. My blessings have begun. Please continue praying for my son & I. Thank you Joseph Prince for spreading the good news.

City, State
Jimmy R Ferguson

I’m thankful the father sacrificed his only begotten son for everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life , created this world , gave me the gift of life , parents ,brother , animals bestowed upon me in my life and the wisdom of unconditional love.

City, State
Helen Y. Williams

Thanks you so much for your prayers God is truly working in your Ministry Amen God Bless have a wonderful day

City, State
Savannah GA
thor mortz

I am greatful for technology so I can share with you guys (and gals) the word of God’s grace. I love watching on tv. But look fwd to more of this type of online bible study with a bunch of sincere grace and bible loving believers….its a few days after the actual event but ditto to all of your comments and may God give double and exponential blessing to everyone who reads the comments…lol

City, State
woodland ca
Allison Daley

Thank you so much

City, State
Riviera, FL
Bella belle

I’m grateful all the time for my Lord Jesus in my life amen

City, State
San jacinto
Darryl Johnson

Awesome sermons to watch and grow from

City, State
Sheila Barry

Love this message

City, State
Mojesh Mohanty

Hi, I love the way God is using pastor Prince

City, State
Janet Gardner

So thankful Jesus has chosen me and loves me and my wayward divided daughter and son. I know heaven hears my call to Him and so blessed to be heard by Jesus and His promises are sure and favorably. Thank You Jesus. ❤️

City, State
Los Angeles California