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Let's Talk about Hazon Vision

Join our Pastoral Overseer, Pastor Darren Sim, and Online Campus Pastor, Pastor Josh Holohan, as they unpack this year’s theme of the year: Hazon Vision.

Why is hazon vision so important and how can it help you in your daily life? How can you tell if your hazon vision is from God? Grab your Bible and journal and join the discussion as our Pastors break down all these and more. Feel free to take part in the digital care group session on your own or together with friends and family!

This session is based on the messages:

  • Joseph Prince—The Year of Hazon Vision (3 Jan 2021) [Sermon Notes]
  • Joseph Prince—Position Yourself To See His Hazon Vision (10 Jan 2021) [Sermon Notes]

Check out these additional resources:

  • ‘What God Sees’ Activity [PDF]
  • God’s Promises [Article]

Questions about Hazon Vision

For this digital care group session on Hazon Vision, we have received some questions from our members. Here are our thoughts on hazon vision that our team would like to share with you.

  • Is a hazon vision a literal picture from God that we see inside our mind or a mental image pictured from Bible verses?

  • Are we supposed to believe for separate visions for the various areas of our life (relationships, finances, health, etc)?

  • Do we expect one hazon vision for the year or a series of visions?

  • Joel 2:28 says the male sees visions, while the female prophesy – does this mean that women don’t see visions?

A hazon vision is a prophetic vision from God, or to put it very simply, it is seeing what God sees in your situation. Often, there is a great disparity between what you see in your life and what the Lord says about your situation. By putting your focus on God’s hazon vision, you are allowing it to align your experience with what He has already promised in His Word. As you speak it forth, the vision in your heart will be manifested in your life!

Today, because Jesus has been glorified, we can be sure that the Holy Spirit (Who reveals God’s hazon visions and dreams to us) has been given to us (see John 7:39). God has given all of us the ability to see His visions for our own lives (see Acts 2:17-18) and this is our rightful inheritance as children of God.

There are several ways a hazon vision can be received. At times, it may be in the form of a vision or symbol that comes to mind (see Hosea 12:10) as you actively ask God for His visions and pray in the Spirit (see Hab. 2:1). These symbols usually represent something, for example, God gave the apostle Peter a vision of many different animals and called them all clean, signifying that Peter should go to the Gentiles to preach to them for the Lord has called them clean (see Acts 10).

A hazon vision can also be received from the Word of God. The Bible is a picture book filled with many visions and pictures of what God has promised you in the various areas of your life, as well as your life overall. Whether it’s in the area of marriage, family, career, or finances, among others, God has given you countless faith pictures in His Word to remind you of what He sees for your life.

As the Lord moves in your life and brings a particular hazon vision to pass, you can always ask Him for a fresh vision and follow His leading for the next step or season of your life!

  • How do we live/move forward with confidence to make the right life decisions in the absence of vision?

Before God does something good in your life, He first gives you a vision. He wants to fill your heart with faith pictures for your future! This is because to have hope is to have a positive expectation of good in the future, and we cannot have that without having a vision from the Lord. It is through these simple pictures that He will lead you to where you need to be.

Regardless of whether you have received a hazon vision for a particular issue or area of your life yet, the Lord leads you through the Holy Spirit, your Helper, and supplies the wisdom and direction that you need. He delights in you asking for wisdom and gives it to you liberally and without reproach (see James. 1:5).

As you seek the Lord’s leading in your life, the Holy Spirit guides you with His peace. Let the peace from Christ act as umpire continually in your heart (see Col. 3:15 AMPC), giving you a green light or red light. His peace will keep you on the right track.

After seeking the Lord and weighing the pros and cons of your situation, it is always wise to consult godly counsel on your decision (see Prov. 13:20, Prov. 11:14). This counsel can be your pastors and leaders, or simply someone who knows you, your tendencies and blind spots, and who is willing to speak God’s wisdom to you.

Lastly, the Holy Spirit will lead you as you take action. He testifies of and confirms God’s Word in our spirit (see Rom. 8:16 AMP). However, He is only able to bear witness to something that has already happened. Hence, in order for the Spirit to bear witness (lead you), you need to take the first step. For example, if you are seeking a new job, send out applications and go for interviews. As you get a sense of the interviewer and the environment, you’ll sense whether there is peace to accept the job or seek another opportunity.

  • Are a husband and wife supposed to see the same hazon vision?
  • How can we involve our children in hazon vision with us?

As a family or a body of Christ flows in the same Spirit and in love, they will always be in agreement and of one mind (see Phil. 2:1-2). The Holy Spirit speaks to us on the wavelength of peace (see John 14:26–27). Even if spouses or family members do not receive the exact same hazon vision, they will flow in unity as they follow the peace and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Seeking a hazon vision together as a family is a powerful and wonderful thing! As you seek God’s faith pictures for your family members and meditate on the Word together, His love unites you as one (see Col. 3:14). When you come together in agreement and declare forth His Word, the Lord is in your midst and surely His hazon vision and promises will come to pass (see Matt. 18:20)!

One of the ways that you can talk about hazon vision as a family is to carry out the activity shared in the this digital care group together and list down the hazon visions that the Lord has given you. You can even draw the faith pictures with the accompanying scriptures, and place them around your house as a constant reminder of God’s promises to you and your family. As you see each hazon vision being fulfilled, why not celebrate and thank the Lord as a family, reminding each other of His unfailing love and goodness?


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Lois A Mullins

Thank you so much! This truly is a gift the Lord Jesus has led me to! I’m so excited and encouraged with the words spoken over me, was as if Jesus designed them just for me! Took down notes to use as a “pattern” to help me meditate on the positive expectations of God’s goodness for me! Just found this site! Have been watching Pastor Prince since 2009. This actually help me to feel part of God’s family as I do not attend a church right at the moment. I have been praying for the Lord to prepare me for the grace filled church for me that teaches righteousness by faith NOT works. He has brought this into my life. I feel like I can belong instead of just being fed alone. THANKS TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND ALL OF YOU!

Vincent Kalgren II


Theresa Ellison

Lois, I am also in the same position as you. Listening to Joseph Prince , attending online New Creation services and have not found a grace filled church locally for 17 years. I am at peace being in the congregation of believers without walls. I’m joining this like you to be more connected. Theresa Ellison

Jennifer Smith

I’m kinda depressed that I can’t find a physical local church that fits me enough. I searched online, was watching TBN and Pastor Prince popped up where Joyce Meyer’s sermons were the previous month so I was like “okay, i’ll watch” and here I am.
I guess physical walls don’t mean much to God, so digital it is!

Jim Newell

One thing that really touched me is what Joseph Prince said, almost in passing, about staying on Mt. Zion, the place of God’s supply. I believe that I and so many others, have been used to leaning so hard on our circumstances being what we want. But I believe that leaning on our worldly circumstances is like being on Mt. Sinai, the place of demand.

Lately, I have been working on going to Jesus no matter what the circumstances. At work, I have been having problems with a new boss who doesn’t seem to like me (a very old problem with me). I feel myself getting depressed like I used to be. But instead, I start praying in tongues because I don’t know what to do other than look to Jesus. Pretty soon the Lord helps me with his presence and I feel lifted up and remember scriptures about how the Lord promises his presence and his deliverance.

I’m learning to rest, flow, and reign, and remain on the city of Mt. Zion where I have God’s super-abundant supply and not going back to Mt. Sinai and the demands of life and work, but focusing on the victory of Jesus in my life. I feel more joy and peace even in the problem of a shaky relationship with my boss. God is with me and his victory is with me.

What I’ve been learning is to handle a matter wisely is to simply trust the Lord. “He that handles a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusts in the LORD, happy is he” (Proverbs 16:20).

Last edited 3 years ago by Jim Newell
Dorian Stringer

Thank you for answering all my questions! Between the enjoyable and informative digital care group after this morning’s service and the detailed Hazon vision answers above, I’m no longer confused and look forward to applying what we talked about today. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put these resources together.

Julie Anne

I am thankful that GRC had the vision for this online digital church and care group. It’s a blessing!

Gary Lagos

Directions on writing the vision down is very scriptural. Habakkuk 2 refers to writing the vision and make it plain, so those that read can run. It speaks of endurance for the vision to be fulfilled even if it tarries. We have a promise that the vision God gives us will come to pass.
Thank you pastors, for sharing step by step the processes of the Hazon Vison. You have reminded my wife and I to stop and wait on the Lord for His vision. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Ecc 9:11 The young must rest for the vision to come not rush it to happen.
Blessings from Gary and Sherry Lagos, Woodway, Texas


Hi. Yes, we need to write it down and run with it. Also like pastor Darren said, we start the race in small steps trusting Abba all the way. Its nice to know that more and more people from our country are having the eyes of their heart opened to GRACE. I’m glad. I can’t wait for the revival even though, its here already!

Last edited 3 years ago by Colin Tan

This was awesome! One of my pressing questions regarding Hazon vision has been how do I know when it’s a vision from Yah versus my own “want” vision. I think Pastors Darren and Josh did a great job talking through Hazon vision. The peace from Yah is a great indicator of our Hazon Vision in our lives. This group session was so liberating! Thank you Pastors for bringing more clarity in Christ Jesus to our Hazon visions!!!

Helen Soares

Is there a replay of this group session here? I would like to know the difference too?

Joey Ong

Hi Helen, you can catch the entire session by clicking the play button on the video right at the top of this page 🙂


Great sharing, thank you pastors!


I love the way that the church shares the news of Jesus. Love from Netherlands

Janice and Hollis Carroll

My husband and I have been listening to Pastor Prince since, I think, 2004. We have been struggling to find a church in our area that focuses on our Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work. We have not been very successful. We have gone to or listened to over 20 churches but have been disappointed too many times. We appreciate what you are doing and are helped by your discussion. We were hoping that you could connect us to others in the same predicament as us and in the same geographical area (near Louisville, KY) so we can get together. We soooo miss fellowship with other Christians.

Diana Sunde

I agree! I am so thankful for this online church! But it would be awesome to know others in our own areas to get to know, encourage, to talk, to share the same Gospel of grace we are hearing. I can not find a church in Olympia Washinton. But I am so so thankful for this online church!! Praise and thank You, my beautiful awesome Abba Father!

Julie M

Same here Janice. Portland, OR also has the same challenges for churches to attend. The fellowship and the gathering together is what I, too, have missed most. I have been most grateful for the answer to my prayers for NCC to be online for over a year now! Would love to be able to connect with believers of same spirit and mother in my area.

Jenny McGuire

Same here. In Moorpark, CA.

Ken Watson

Thank you, we now see that answers to questions are available here. Shalom, Ken and Lea Ann

Marcia Mc Laughlin

Hi again,

I had to come back here to share this testimony. After listening twice to this care group blessing, the Lord began to open up the revelation of the theme of the year as preached by Pastor Prince and as shared by the pastors in the care group.

I said to the Lord, as my heart began to see more clearly, “I would like to teach this to the youth in Sunday School this Sunday.”

So, I began, by the Lord’s grace, to prepare my Sunday School lesson on Hazon Vision. I used the simple but effective tool suggested in the care group: a double column – one showing how a believer may see and the other, showing how God sees.

I was so amazed at how clearly I was now seeing the revelation of Hazon Vision. You see, I had purchased Pastor Prince’s teachings on Hazon Vision, had listened several times to them, had been believing the Lord to open the revelation to me, and the Lord used the care group discussion to unlock the revelation in my heart. It was like a missing puzzle piece!

By the way, after preparing the Sunday School lesson the day after receiving and listening to the care group discussion, I could sense that the Lord wanted to give me more. The following day – Saturday, I received a full teaching on Hazon Vision for the church.

Both teachings were awesome – to the glory of the Lord!

I am writing this to say thank you for following the Lord’s leading and for believing the Lord for big things!

BTW – While listening to the care group discussion, two things had ministered to me: Pastor Josh shared that Hazon Vision is “personal”, a vision applicable to our lives. The other is the tool introduced by Pastor Darren to compare/contrast how we see and how God sees.

I have often heard Pastor Prince mention in his sermons the care groups at New Creation Church and would think: “What exactly is a care group?”

I think I received the answer: An intimate environment where believers under Godly leadership can come together and glean one from another for further edification, encouragement and comfort. Jesus, of course, being at the center.

Matt MV

Thank you Pastor Josh and Pastor Darren. I just stumbled on this resource and was encouraged by the practical strategies for applying Hazon Visions.

I want to say how precious it was to hear Pastor Darren describe how Pastor Prince deals with challenges of health in his own body, filling himself with God’s vision for healing. This was impactful to me, Thank you!

Tom Vint

I was having digestive/ stomach issues for the past month believing that by His Stripes I am already healed, however; sometimes the pain has been unbearable. I was growing weak but when the Pastor from Singapore prayed, I felt God’s healing touch. I cried and wept because of His Love and Mercy. Thank-you for being available to hear from the Lord.

Marcia Mc Laughlin

This was very helpful! Thank you, Pastors and Joseph Prince Ministries!

The discussion and Q&A provided are an immense blessing!

Blessings to you all in Jesus Name!

JoNell Nichter

Thank you for the online care group. It is helping my husband and I stay on track with God’s word for this year. We love it.

Rose Karlebach

My husband and I do so much appreciate this digital church, with Pastors Josh and Darren. We appreciate the Lord’s Hazon Vision in coming up with this idea. Thank you for all you do for us! Please keep us posted on when we will get together digitally again.

Joey Ong

Hey Rose, our next digital care group will be happening this Sunday, May 16, after all our services at 🙂

Kathleen McDermott

The Lord gave me a dream and a year later it happened. I have also fleeced in situations that are significant. The Lord has always answered. The key for me is being in the word and praying in tongues. Our choices can be for his glory. Sometimes the flesh screams when we are waiting. Feeding every Sunday 😌

Connie Schattenberg

I just found this! Thank you! Throat feels like I’m being choked! Pain hands! Memory cognition focus. Digestive!


I’m excited to be a part of this! I believe that we need to be fed constantly and refreshed with water so that we grow into the full measure of the stature of Christ. I really enjoyed fellowshipping with Pastors Josh and Darren and I know that I ate, drank and washed! I feel rejuvenated. Thank you for keeping pace with Abba in the fulfilment of His thoughts towards us through this digital care group. I know it came from a HazonVision! Do let us know when and where you need our help/in put in turning this into a digital care group family! Also, when’s the next one?!

Laura-jane Soulé

I’d like to know more about Hazon Vision

Moril Deratus

I have been blessed to be a part of the online Church. I love this year theme of Hazon vision that Pastor Prince received and shared with us. Talking about it makes me more comfortable. I received an Hazon vision earlier this year during prayer of flashes of many stadium filled with people. I believe the Spirit tells me this is the healing revival. And I am excited about it. I believe I received this vision because I was expecting it. Thank God for the word of Hazon vision.

Paula Leeder

Thank you so much! This group is such a blessing, praise our Abba Father Jesus!!!

Jean Gabrieli

Thanks so much for reaching out to me and the privledge of being part of this Online community.

Teresa Wilson

Thank you for the online study, I listen to Pastor Prince and I’ve been blessed.

Manuel Antonio Villagrana

Great to be here. Thanks.

felton chance

Great stuff, Thank you very much

Joyce Edwards

Praise the Lord, and thank you and bless you so much for this wonderful teaching that encourages and edifies us!

Adeola Adediran

Are we ever going to have small groups break out sessions ( maybe in zoom) where we not only listen but speak as well? I know there is the Facebook community but what else is there for those like me that don’t want to join Facebook?

Pamela Cartwright

I want to join the care group of GRC

Susie Johnson

Hello does anyone live near Lewisville, North Carolina?

Helen Soares

Hello and blessings to everyone. I’m so grateful that God has let me to this community. I’ve been praying and still praying for Pastor Prince’s Grace Ministry to come to Toronto, ON Canada and found this site. Thank you.

May Ridaliste

Here is WorldHappiest because of Grace of God and I am from Tacoma WA!

Lynette Williams

That was a good Word! Seeing hazon by using scripture makes so much sense. All the promises of God are yes and Amen….through Pastor Prince ministry I have learned to see pictures and this is another way to emerge myself in the Word and see my loving Jesus. Thank you Pastor Josh and Pastor Darren to have the heart to do these care groups. May Daddy God bless you and your family’s. Thank you!!!!!

City, State
Lake Mary, Fl
Jim Travis

I really appreciate this idea of Hazon vision, and I am taking things slow to try and digest all of the information. One area where I am struggling though is that in 1st Samuel 3, the name “Eli” is spelled עלי which means ‘ascent’ rather than אלי, which means ‘my God’ as the notes suggest.

While they read the name in English, they are not spelled the same in Hebrew and have no relation. Can someone please help me understand this more, because it is troubling to me. Thanks.

City, State
Pastor Josh Holohan

Hello Jim,

We want to thank you so much for joining our Digital Care Group session! I love how you said you’re appreciating this idea of Hazon Vision, and that you’re taking it slow so that you can digest it all. That is so important in being able to retain, and absorb all that the Lord has for you.

Also thanks so much for pointing that out to us Jim, we really appreciate your attention to detail on how Eli can be read the same way, and the Hebrew letters may differ changing the way the word can be used 🙂

We are continually amazed by the Hebrew language, and how the Lord has chosen His word to be expressed by it. We see that the word Eli can be understood as both! So we see at times it could mean ascent, and at other times it can mean my God. As we consider the common knowledge of how the language operates, and its framework, we feel confident not to be locked into a singular meaning of the word, as we would experience in the English language. Also a quick search of the meaning of Eli will express how it can be used as both 🙂

We look forward to continuing to take the journey with you Jim, as we discover the beauty of our Lord Jesus within the pages of scripture as all of our hearts are warmed toward Him, just like the two on the road to Emmaus!

Be blessed Jim! We look forward to connecting more through these times 🙂

Jim Travis

Pastor Josh, I am honored by your personal response to my question, and am truly grateful that you took the time to write such a detailed answer.

What I have learned from your answer is that much of my concern stemmed from a misunderstanding of the principle that Pastor Prince was teaching. In short, it appears that I was focusing on the Hebrew words, when based on your response, Pastor Prince was focusing on the English transliteration, and how that can loosely communicate the same idea as the Hebrew word with the same sound, even if they are spelled differently.

I must admit, that this is a new concept for me, and I still have a lot to learn, so I ask that you please excuse and forgive my ignorance of these things. My main concern is that I don’t want to allow my confusion of particular things to give any pathway for doubt to come in… so if I see something that troubles me, I ask questions to clear it up as soon as possible— so I’ll likely ask more questions going forward! 😅

The care group yesterday was very helpful, and I liked the idea of drawing out your personal vision.

So just to recap (and PLEASE correct me if I have this wrong), in 1st Samuel 3, the focus is on the ENGLISH transliteration of “Eli” and how that can mean ‘my God’ VERBALLY— not the Hebrew of עלי which means ‘ascent’. It’s still a bit confusing, but I will meditate on it more. Again, I am grateful for your response, and continuing to help me grow in the truth of Jesus and His Grace.


City, State
Pastor Josh Holohan

Hey Jim!

The honor is all ours. Yes, I think you summed it up well. I can understand where you’re coming from with your question, at the same time I think you nailed it by focusing on the heart and spirit of what’s being communicated. We really pray as you take this journey with us that your heart is what continues to be warmed by the Lord Jesus Himself as He reveals more and more of His Love for you! Be blessed!

Isaac Senda

Thank you so much for GRC online, I am from Uganda-Africa and have been listening to Joseph prince for a while but after coming across GRC on Sunday, I feel the message has even been made more personal as Joseph Prince has alway emphasised with Jesus. The exercise of what I see and what Daddy God sees is on point. Thank you so much for providing a care group to us all.

City, State

This is a refreshing blessing!

City, State
Saint Leonard, MD
Debbora Blank

Thank You Pastors for being so real and authentic. There is a small group that meets on my home every Saturday. It was renamed a couple years ago “Beholding Jesus” many small groups that meet in this area call it Bible study (BS). Our vision needed changing. Hallelujah! Eyes on Christ Alone!
So we were led back in the spring to begin the Grace Revolution study with the companion Study Guide. I knew we needed pastoral help. And this was an amazing answer to prayer. The first time I listen to this care group…I was pricked….. I thought… no I don’t want to look at what I see. It’s ugly and empty looking at myself and around me. But Holy Spirit kept putting it on my heart to share with our group. So I shared it with them back in July. It was a “ hijacked weekend “. Like Pastor Prince does when he’s ministers to spouses 🤩And it hit like a lead balloon. Or as my father would say, “a fart in a windstorm”. There was squawking and squirming in the room. But I just let it rest in Him alone.

The reason I am sharing this. Is because today is November, and we have finished grace revolution with its study guide together. And re-watched this episode as a group. Ooooo huge different response….none were afraid to look at our lack, frailties, insecurities VASTLY DIFFERENT response! Hallelujah Jesus!

We plan to begin Destined to Reign in a few months with the Reign in Life daily Devo. Can you put together a study guide, for just Destined to rain. For small groups to go through? And also I am thinking…unmerited favor, the power of Right believing study guides. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

It’s just different. When we sit alone with the Lord, read the scriptures, read the book, write our responses, and then come together with one focus. Be holding Jesus
Himself…it’s like PV 4:20
Eye Ear Heart Write

Thank You so much Go Team Jesus! Hesed and Peace be multipled in our Glorious Savior JESUS ✝️♥️😇


City, State
Wayne Moore

I read yesterday of Pastor Prince sent about Hazon Vision. It was about almost a hour of reading but wow it touched my heart. Thank you two talking about communion what bread to use , I know any bread but now I will get matzo bread if i can find it in the store. Thank you Pastors. W. Moore

City, State
Omaha, Nebraska
Wayne Moore

Pastors pray for my wife Traci I want to know she has and or will receive Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour. Thank you Pastors W. Moore

City, State
Omaha, Nebraska
Wayne Moore

I miss Wednesday services Pastors

City, State
Omaha, Nebraska

Comments from Facebook & Live Chats

Joyce E.
Joyce E.from our Facebook group
Read More
Yes! Thank you so much, Ps Darren Sim and Ps Josh Holohan, for having a digital care group session for us! It is so wonderful for you to reach out to all of us with timely teaching and prayer, and that we can chat real time through the chat! I look forward to future digital care group sessions, live or recorded. Thank you again, Praise the Lord, and the Lord bless you and Pastor Prince and all who make these things possible, in Jesus' wonderful name, Amen!
Emma L.
Emma L.from our Facebook group
Read More
The digital care group is so awesome 👌, which answers my questions about Hazon Vision and gives me directions on focus on scripture based word picture and be led by peace.Thank you so much 💓 At the end Ps Josh prayed for aches and pains go after waking up. I received 3 times which was exactly for me because last whole week I got the symptoms and yesterday was the worst. Today I feel so much better. Praise God. Thank you Jesus for your healing is much more than sickness 🙏
Marc M.from our live chat
Read More
I don’t think there’s anyone else on earth that is as dedicated and consistent as a teacher of righteousness as Pastor Prince! Been following since 2009! I love the gift of righteousness, Jesus Christ!
Ofeliafrom our live chat
Read More
Pastors, I love what you two are doing! God bless you with a double portion of anointing as you carry out your pastoral call. I love, love, love Joseph Prince's forward vision of a virtual (online) church long before the pandemic hit us! That man truly listens to God's heart! How I thank God for Joseph Prince! and for mentoring other men like you, multiplying himself! Thank you so much for clarifying how we are to go about catching the vision of God, thus changing our earthward vision.
kinney5from our live chat
Read More
Pastor Josh you called out EVERYTHING I've been going through. 🙌 Thank you both! I receive your prayers and blessings. Please keep this group going!!! 💗