Digital Care Group #24: Receive A Fresh Anointing

In this session, we talk more about the power of the Lord’s anointing and how it brings an effortless ease to everything we do, whether it’s in the area of our parenting, business, work, or family. Learn how you can experience a greater measure of His anointing in every area of your life! 

Digital Care Group #22: Why Do We Pray In The Spirit?

In this care group, we will explore the benefits of praying in the Spirit and see how the Lord has given us this gift to help us in situations where we feel helpless, to build us up, and to guide us in our daily lives.

Digital Care Group #19: Beating Bitterness

In this session, our pastors and leaders share personal experiences and Biblical truths on how you can beat bitterness and live life conscious of God’s abundant grace and forgiveness.

Digital Care Group #17: Transform Your Prayer Life Today

Join us in this digital care group as our pastors and leaders discuss what prayer means to them and share practical handles on transforming your prayer life! You’ll leave this session with a greater revelation of just how much God loves to dispense His favor and give you wisdom for every situation.

Digital Care Group #15: Good Success

In our last digital care group of the year, hear our pastors and leaders talk more about God’s definition of success and learn how you can thrive in every area of your life!

Digital Care Group #13: Increase Your Expectation

In the world that we live in today, is it still possible to have your hopes raised and to expect good to happen? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” No matter what challenges or circumstances you find yourself in, you have an unshakable foundation to expect good to happen. Discover the anchor for your confident expectation, and see your heavenly Father’s heart to bless and provide for you abundantly in every area of your life.