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Days of Heaven Upon the Earth

Main idea

Do you know that your heavenly Father wants you to enjoy many days of heaven on earth? But what does that look like? And how can we begin to experience days of heaven on earth right now? Grab your Bible and journal, and join the conversation as our GRCO pastors break down these questions and share more from their personal journeys.

Take part in this digital care group session on your own or together with your friends and family. We have specially created a guide that you can easily follow along as you join in the conversation with our pastors, use for your own personal time of study, or use to facilitate more conversations with your community.

This session is based on the messages:

  • Joseph Prince—How To See Many Beautiful Days (27 Dec 2020) [Sermon Notes]
  • Joseph Prince—Christ Is The Center of Happy Marriages—How To Have Days Of Heaven On Earth

1. God’s hazon vision for you this year is to enjoy many beautiful days of heaven upon the earth

“He who would love life and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips from speaking deceit.”
– 1 Peter 3:10

It is biblical to believe God for many good and beautiful days for you and your family!

Regardless of whatever experience you’ve had in 2021 thus far, you can exercise your faith to believe God for many good days.

2. How does the Lord define a beautiful day?

How would you describe a beautiful day? Is it a fun day at the beach with your family? Taking a scenic walk into the sunset with your wife or husband? 

Here’s how the Lord defines it:

“That your days may be multiplied, and the days of your children, in the land which the Lord sware unto your fathers to give them, as the days of heaven upon the earth.”
— Deuteronomy 11:21 KJV

God relates days of heaven upon the earth with family life and enjoying life within your home! He cares about your family life, the relationships, and the moments you enjoy with them.

Contrary to what the world says, you won’t enjoy days of heaven upon the earth when you finally get that job promotion, that new car, or that new home—great as those things may be. The Lord wants you to be able to enjoy the abundant life that He came to give you (John 10:10) right now with your family. He wants you to enjoy a life that goes beyond material blessings.

Familial blessings outlast any other material blessings we can enjoy in this life.

3. How can you experience days of heaven upon the earth with your family?

“Therefore you shall lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”
— Deuteronomy 11:18–20 KJV

In the Hebrew, the verse reads as such, וְשַׂמְתֶּם אֶת־דְּבָרַי. In the middle of the verse, we find the signature of Jesus, the Hebrew letters, “aleph tav” (אֶת). What words are we to lay up and to teach to our children? Not words of the law but words about the Word of God made flesh, Jesus Christ Himself (John 1:14), about His beauty, His loveliness, and His finished work.

It is when we involve the Lord Himself in our daily family life that we begin to experience days of heaven upon the earth.

But what if our present situation looks completely different from what God has promised in His Word?

Don’t give up! Begin to sow God’s Word and His promises for your family by faith. The way God imparts faith to walk out His promises is to give you a picture, and He has already put His pictures of your successes, your victories, and your breakthroughs in His Word.

Activity time!

  1. Grab a piece of paper and some pens/markers/coloring materials
  2. Begin by drawing some clouds at the top
  3. Draw a house at the bottom
  4. Fill the house with the different members of your household
  5. Label the clouds with the different blessings found in God’s Word (i.e. Peace, Health, Joy, Favor). You can also find whatever promise you’re believing God for—for your family—in the Scriptures and write them in the clouds

See Jesus, the Word and the promises of God Himself, pouring out His promises of health, restoration, provision, joy and peace upon you and your family.

4. Own the Word

There are no fixed formulas and methods for involving Jesus in your daily life as a family and what works for some people may not work for others. Let the Holy Spirit guide and inspire you to do what works best for your family and most importantly, enjoy the time together as a family in His presence!


Rest in His Word of love

This week, spend some time with the Lord and enjoy His fellowship. Take time to be rested in His Word of love for you and allow the Lord to fill you to the overflow with His love and peace. After that, take time to enjoy the relationships that God has placed in your life! When you are filled, it becomes easy to be led by His love to impart grace to your loved ones.

Check out these additional resources

  • Prayers and declarations for your family [Link]
  • Practical handles to build a stronger relationship with your family [PDF]

Questions about Days of Heaven Upon the Earth

Do you have a question that you would like answered from this care group session? Here are some thoughts from the team that we would like to share.
  • I think the relationship between my spouse/family member and I is irreparable because there has been too much hurt and anger over the years. Is there still hope for us?

No matter how hopeless a situation seems, we want to remind you that our God is a God of miracles. Not only can God heal and restore your relationship with your spouse or family member, He can do a miracle of restoration, even when it seems impossible (see Isa. 43:19)! Just as Jesus turned water to wine at the wedding in Cana (see John 2:1–11), He can turn a relationship that is distant, hopeless, and full of hurts to one that is intimate and full of love, shalom peace, and joy. He can give you a new, intoxicating marriage, causing you both to fall in love with each other all over again.

As you place your relationship into God’s hands and trust that it’s important to Him, know that He is already working behind the scenes to heal hurts, soften hearts and pour forth His unconditional love. Though restoration is a journey that takes time, you can rest in His love, knowing that He is working all things together for your good (see Rom. 8:28) because He cares for you and your family. We are standing in faith with you that in time, there will surely be a breakthrough and miracle restoration in your family!

  • The rift in our relationship was caused by my spouse/family member and he/she refuses to apologise or reconcile with me. How can I restore this relationship?

We know it can be difficult when you’ve been hurt and it feels like you’re the only one making the effort to restore the relationship. When it comes to matters of the heart, we are unable to change how a person feels or responds. However, Jesus can heal the hurts that others don’t even know about, minister to personal issues and fears, and soften even the hardest heart. As He comes into the situation, He can mend and heal what we cannot.

Today, would you make a decision to forgive this family member who has hurt you? Forgiveness is the foundation of love. Just as God does not impute sin to us, let us not impute sin to our spouse or family members. If you find it difficult to forgive this person, look to the cross and see how perfectly God has forgiven every sin you have and will ever commit. Bring Jesus into your painful situation. When you know how perfectly He loves you and has forgiven you, you’ll be able to forgive that person too.

As you release this person in forgiveness, it allows the Lord’s love and healing to flow into your heart and the situation. You can also trust the Holy Spirit to lead you in your interactions with the person, helping you to communicate with and love them in the best way. And as you give the family member time and space to walk his or her own journey with the Lord, know that He can work in a seemingly hopeless situation and bring a miracle in the relationship!

  • I have been praying for the restoration of my marriage/family relationships for many years but there is still no change. What should I do?

Many times when we pray for a restoration, it may not take place immediately, much like physical healing. Though some may experience instant miracles of restorations, for others it could be a gradual process. However, don’t let this discourage you. God says in His Word that He will supernaturally restore all the years that have been lost to the locust (see Joel 2:25). Because our Lord Jesus has purchased every blessing, including restoration, for you at the cross, you can believe God to redeem all the time that has been lost, and for the restored relationship to be even stronger and closer than before.

As you commit the relationship to Jesus and continue to declare peace and restoration over it, trust that the seed of God’s Word has been sown and will bear fruit in due time. Just as a farmer waits patiently for his crops to bear fruit, be patient in waiting for your harvest (James 5:7). Your breakthrough may come incrementally—first thirtyfold, then sixtyfold, then a hundredfold. Your part is simply to rest in His love, have faith in the power of God’s Word, and let Him work on your behalf.

  • My family members are not saved—how can I share with them about Jesus and restoration for our relationship if they don’t believe in Him?

Even if your family members are not saved, this does not stop them from experiencing the love and power of Jesus. In the Bible, Jesus never called people out for their sin or expected them to set their lives straight before He healed them. In fact, once the people experienced the healing power of Jesus, the goodness of God often led them to repentance (see 2 Cor. 5:19, Mark 6:56).

The Lord wants not only you to be saved, but your family members as well. The good news is that now that you have been saved, it becomes easy for them to be saved because there is now an open door for God to move in their lives and touch them. As you allow the Lord to use you as a channel of His love, shalom peace, and power to your family in your daily life, in time they will not be able to help but be impacted by Him.

Another way that you can bring Jesus into the situation is to look at your family through the eyes of love —the way God would view them. Instead of seeing the flaws and problems in them and the relationship, focus on how the Lord sees them—as His beloved children and precious sheep in His flock that He lovingly tends. Call forth what the Lord sees in them and the kind of relationship you desire to have with them. As you do this, know that the Lord is loving on them through you, restoring the relationships and drawing them to Himself as well.


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Holly Erickson

I cannot begin to express how very much Jesus has impacted me through your ministry. For the first time in nearly 48 years, I am pastored in a way I only used to dream of. I wanted to thank you for being such caretakers, with such a vision for each of us. Old shackles have been falling away, the most remarkable of which, recently, has been the discontinued use of an 8 year need to use a walker. I also had cataract surgery, and do not need glasses [except for reading] for the first time in 60 years. My energy and strength are restored, and I look forward to the manifestation of my other areas of healing. But most important is the change in my relationship with Jesus, which is the source of all that has been and will be accomplished in my life. Again, many, many thanks! Jesus’ richest blessing upon you all!

Layee Kromah

I have been blessed to tune in for this session. I declare all the blessings of experiencing a beautiful day the Lord has purpose upon my life. I live alone in isolation due to symptoms in my body but, I know that the Lord is with me, guiding me, providing my every need, and showering me with His divine health, peace, joy, and also miraculously working to connect me with my son.

City, State
Michelle Maroney

Hi Layee, I agree with you in prayer for that Divine intervention and connecting with your son. Also, providing for your every need. I too have a son and he is the joy of my life.

City, State
Swapnil Rana

After seeing the online care group for the first time makes feel an active member of the church, thank you guys for doing this and making me feel that i am a part of the GRC.

City, State
Chicago, IL
Pastor Josh Holohan

Thanks for being a part of this community, we greatly value you Swapnil 🙂

Gretchen Renders

Learning that we can turn our God given solutions into pictures from The Word is so good. That way the problem will not seem so big. The solution with God’s help will be magnified as we look to Jesus and focus on Him. Just like Jairus did. The centurion and his servant.. The woman with the issue of blood saw her miracle happening before she touched Jesus’ garment. Pictures and seeing it happening makes it so real. Our faith can’t help but speak.


Praise the Lord and forget not all His benefits! Thank you Ps Josh, Ps Darren, the serving team who made the online care group awesome. God bless you and your families!
I’m so blessed by today’s session, especially since I was mulling over Proverbs 19:11 for a while and not sure how that would look like in my life. I was also blessed by the gracious and gentle prayer about family, and the Father’s love for me. Blessed week of days of heaven upon the earth for you all!

Hannah OConnor

Mahalo! Writing from Oahu, Hawaii where we are living in days of heaven on earth, glory to God! I had recently been told of a family who needed prayer, and this visual drawing of a family receiving God’s blessings like rain enabled me to see this family healed and whole by faith! I plan to do this drawing for my own family, and for friend’s family. Your ministry on the care group empowered me in prayer for this friend and my own ohana.
We love Joseph Prince ministry and even how he has shared with past anger struggles. My husband is a GOOD man but has struggled with the generational curse of anger. Believing as we look to Jesus, He will restore and renew!
I have another friend who has had a child in the hospital for months and received Pastor Darren’s (at the end) prayer of days of heaven on earth for them too! These friends were heavy on my heart and your ministry prayed for them through care group! Thank you!

City, State
Wahiawa, Hawaii

My 5 children were raised in a Christian home and even went to Christian schooling, but a few of them need to find Christ and find their family again. It is difficult if i speak to them on the phone. One especially seems to be away from the Lord Their Dad left them when they were young so there is no fatherly input. Also i have been going through an illness for over a year and i’m sure stress is at the root of it all.

City, State
Jacksonville, Florida
Linda Blechinger

Karen, I am believing for you and your family that our faithful God will bring your grace (number for grace) children to the place they are in the Spirit- I agree that God will show them the way, the seed was planted and God will cause the growth! I believe the same for mine.
I agree that blood of Jesus is enough and by His stripes you are healed.
The days of heaven in earth! Wasn’t that magnificent! I’m just meditating on that!
Blessings, Linda

City, State
Auburn, Ga
Bernard Urtecho

I want retirement to spend days traveling and being together with my wife every day!

City, State
Huntersville, NC
Gretchen Renders

Wow Praise the Lord for the scriptures and reinforcement of The Finished Work. Steering us to the new covenant is refreshing. I feel that this guide is helping in how I see. A better perspective under a better covenant. Seeing in pictures is fairly new to me. Yet there have been moments when visualising what I read about Jesus just happened. Days of heaven on earth have a deeper and broader meaning since learning what it really means to be under Grace.

Wendy hardin

This is my third time joining Gracerevonline church and study. Took some quick notes.Since returning home from work today,I listened to the service again. I began to weep as so many revelations began washing over me. As I chewed onthe notes I had taken I could feel my Lord and Savior grace washing over me. I had fallen away from our local churches. Although I had found some that I wanted to attend. As a single woman providing for myself working two jobs, well time to drive to and from and still get to work on time, well I fell out. I would still play my praise and worship music and Joseph Prince App sermons. I would even google Joseph prince communion online. Somehow just needed more, like joining with my fellow brothers n sisters in Christ. Then one day I received an invitation to join gracerevonline from my Joseph Prince daily inspirations in a email. Well no need to type anymore…..Grace wins every time!!! Thank You this is a God Send and blessing that is very much needed for me right now! I am hooked I have found my permanent Church!!! Gracerevonline. Thank y’all, God Bless and Speed.

City, State
Austin, Tx
Holly Erickson

Howdy from up north!

City, State
Superior WI
Emma Limoges

Love this session of heaven on earth and many beautiful days. Love the Hazen vision of heaven on earth linked with family life and family enjoying God’s words. Thank you!This is a uplifting session as the previous two. Bless you for all your doing for Jesus and us. Truly it is a such blessing 🙌 Praise God! Thank you for prayers as well!Even though my father in law passes away recently, we still have many beautiful days and knowing he is with Jesus is so encouraging ❤ The Lord is good 👍❤

City, State
Gita Dhamija

So Blessed to be a part of this group! Surely The Lord of Time and Space 🙂

City, State
Plainsboro, NJ
Carla Bachar

I “happened” to come across this digital church post on Facebook. I am in tears and excited and I feel the presence of God. I didn’t realize how much I have been picking up the cares of the world or how much that I’ve been condemning myself until I received everything in this video about our Jesus and a flood of peace fell on me. I actually needed permission to do what I love most, to enjoy being a wife, a mother, and grandmother. It sounds silly but man, when you have been listening to many sermons that are not teaching about the gospel of Grace it brings condemnation that is not good for not only me, but anyone in my family. Thank you!
Please pray for my adult son who went through a divorce and is having a difficult time navigating this new life. They have 2 young children. After watching this video I have fresh faith for our Lord to heal their family. Thank you! I am basking in His beauty and my heart is singing…. I can’t, but He can! 😍

City, State
Sand Lake Michigan
Pastor Josh Holohan

Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us here at GRC Online Carla. Our hearts rejoice together with you over the peace and joy you have experienced through your participation in this community. We are standing together with you over your prayer request for your son. The Lord Himself will continue to minister to him and the children. We speak Healing, and restoration over the family 🙂

Teri Libensperger

Thank you so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

City, State
Brick Nj
Dorian Stringer

Each care group has truly been amazing and they just keep getting better and better! I initially thought a digital format couldn’t really speak to me or bring about a sense of community but I was wrong. These groups allow me to experience firsthand the heartfelt love, thought, consideration, planning and prayers from the GRC pastors and team that go into these. They are timely and relevant, full of compassion, insight, revelation, wisdom and practical application. I wish I could list everything that spoke to me from this last session. I think what really struck me the most was when Pastor Darren said something like, “We desire to represent and channel the father’s heart of love for all of you, to be carriers of his love and representatives of Pastor Prince’s pastoral heart as well. The care group being an expression of the Father’s heart of love for you”. Thank you for caring for me and taking time to hear and convey the Father’s heart. God Bless You!!

City, State
Science Hill, KY
Diana Sunde

I have 2 adult children with disabilities that I care for. It is very stressful and it feels like no hope to solve our situation. But I know God has good things for us but I get discourage and feel like i am not believing. I want beautiful days hrere in my family.

City, State
Olympia, WA

Diana, I’ll add you to my prayer journal and be praying for beautiful days for you and your family! Thank you Jesus!

City, State
Bartow, Florida
Shirley Pearson

Pastor Prince always uplift me. I’ve been listening to him for a while but just joined this group. I need help with the loss of my husband , it will be 4 years next month . It’s still so very hard for both if us , we were so very clise with no other family. I feel such guilt , he passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. Why didn’t I see it.

City, State
Mooresville North Carolina
Joey Ong

Hi Shirley, thank you for sharing this with us. I am so sorry for your loss and I can’t imagine how difficult and painful it must have been. I pray that the shalom peace and strength of our faithful Lord Jesus will be so tangibly experienced by you in the coming days. As you wake and as you go to sleep, I pray that you will experience Him holding you close and comforting you lovingly (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

The Lord is near to you, Shirley, and the team believes that He will carry you through the valley. On the days that feel dark and lonely, He is there with you and He will be your strength. He doesn’t condemn you but His heart is full of love and grace towards you. I pray that you will begin to see yourself as God sees you, forever righteous and so very loved. ❤️

Shirley Pearson

I thank you so much for your prayers. I felt them and they helped me see through this sadness. I’ve shared it with my daughter and you’ve helped her also. I watched Pastor Prince again on Sunday 7/4. I felt he was speaking to me , it was beautiful. Thank you.

City, State
Mooresville North Carolina

This Makes God Happy
God is very powerful because he is God. He has used that power to help us. He has given us everything that we need to live in a good way. We can do things that make God happy. This is possible because now we know him. God has chosen us to be his people because he is very great and very good.
2 Peter 1:3 EASY
This care group is special in that it makes me feel connected to people that love Jesus, and love His people. I am so grateful to be a part of what makes love real in our relationships. Thank you so much for making this care group possible.

City, State
Daphne, AL
Brian Gauthier

Nice words and thoughts! Amen Kay.
Brian and Sandi Gauthier Lilian,AL

City, State
Lilian, AL
Saundra Pilgrim

I am praying for and believing for healing, wholeness and restoration in my teeth. I have been dealing with severe teeth issues for several years now. I am very discouraged that I have not seen any breathrough or healing yet.

City, State
Baton Rouge
Joey Ong

Hey Saundra, I’m believing with you that you will experience God’s healing and 120% restoration for your teeth. At the cross, the price for your healing and wholeness (that includes your teeth as well!) has already been fully paid for by our Lord Jesus. And according to His Word in Isaiah 53, by the stripes of Jesus, you are healed!

Even as you wait for the full manifestation of your healing, I pray that the Lord Himself will be your strength and your joy. You shall experience His shalom peace and supernatural joy even as we believe together for your 120% healing and restoration. 🙏

Debra Smith

What would be a beautiful day?
Visiting Singapore for 2 weeks: )

City, State
Mandy Causey

Wisdom,Restoration of my marriage and family, financial, peace joy and salvation.

City, State
Pastor Josh Holohan

We are in agreement with you with shouts of Grace, Grace! 🙂

Mandy Causey

Thank you all so very much🙏❤ for answering your calling, Praise God thank you Jesus for GRC caregroup

Pastor Josh Holohan

Thanks Mandy!

So grateful you are here with us!

Marcus Smith

I am so blessed to have listened to this message. The Lord used you to minister directly to my heart. So amazing!!!


I don’t have a church near me that isn’t non denominational – pastor prince has been a powerful pastor to me through television and now through phone – I always go to be inspired by him when he comes to NJ – NY so I do not have anyone to fellowship with and no friends at all – I always wish that I could find a place to fit in – every time I do try a new church I feel like everyone else is close to Jesus and I’m lacking. So I feel alone and so unknowlegable and so I read and save all the daily inspiration I get through email from Joseph Prince – definitely a God Send for me

City, State
New Jersey USA
Susan Hong

Hey Rosemary,
You’re in good company. I know how you feel, I had felt that way for a long time, still feel that from time to time but be encouraged and continue to listen until confidence springs forth as you have been following Joseph Prince, it is a great ministry and I have been personally blessed to be in. I am believing with you for you to get connected if not with GRCO then a gathering of your family, friends, caregroup that you can be welcomed. And that Jesus became alone on the cross so that you will never be (Psalm 88:18) taken from Anchored, finding the peace in the storms of life.

City, State
Beaumont, California

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am also blessed by Joseph Prince teachings – it was also a blessing that you responded to my outcry even though I know Jesus has brought me through a lot of trials and I envision the suffering he endured for me – I feel guilty when I get so down, knowing he has held onto me everyday. God Bless you!

City, State
Nutley New Jersey
Susan Hong

Also Rosemary, want to add to bring in Jesus whenever you feel that way. Jesus has been with you all the time even when alone He is not deterred, no condemnation. And that you are valuable to Him–make it your own.

Wayne Moore

I tell you what after now every week I watch GRC online for church 2 times on Sundays and Wednesday. Also wow i get to do communion 3 times a week now wow I am so blessed to have such a wonderful church on line through Pastor Prince teaching. I get so fed with the teachings of Pastor Prince. GRC group online is amazing with the Pastors that care and loves us as a family. Thank you.

City, State
Omaha, NE.

A beautiful day would be for me to out camping and canoeing down the river or lake as I camp out in the wooden areas in a national or state parks. Which I could not do for 8 years now living in the Philippines.
But there is one beautiful thing which has given me some joy is when I am able to give away my talent to one niece and one nephnew here in the Philippines. For they wanted to know and to do what our true living God Yeshua has given me, as I instruct them in this talent of photography and plumbing. I truly praise our true living messiah Yeshua for allowing me to give and share with them the talents that our true living lord and messiah has give to me.

City, State
Joyce Edwards

Thank you so much for the care groups and for everything else you do for the body of Christ! I so appreciate the teaching, edification, fellowship, ministering of the gifts of the Spirit, etc.! Our great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, continue to bless and supply you you tremendously!

Walter Cullen Flack

Spending time with the wife with Jesus prayer and Holy communion then hanging out finding something fun to do.

City, State
Walter Cullen Flack

Glory to God

Walter Cullen Flack

My wife and I don’t have kids but we know all things are possible with God and we believe that finish work of Jesus has made it possible. Pray for us that we not loose hope for a baby, and that one day have a child.

Last edited 2 years ago by Walter Cullen Flack
Joey Ong

Hey Walter, we are so glad to have you and your wife with us here at GRC Online! We want you to know that the team is praying and standing in faith with you. We pray that our Lord Jesus will make His presence, peace, and comfort very real for both of you, and uphold you in your journey to have a child.

You are very loved by the Lord and His heart is to bless you with children as His Word says in Psalm 127:3. God has also declared in Deuteronomy 7:14 that there shall be none barren among His people. We pray that when you feel disheartened and overwhelmed, these promises in His Word would strengthen your heart, and inject fresh hope in it again.

We are here with you and we will continue believing with both of you that you will see the fullness of God’s promise and faithfulness revealed. 🙏


I am struggling with family who have not received salvation. As I type this I feel your prayers and Jesus hugging me. Thank you and bless you for all Jesus has asked of you to do.

Kimberly Boudreaux

Praising God that He is not silent! This message spoke directly into my marriage! As Pastor Darren prayed at the conclusion of the message, I KNOW my husband and I will be amazed by New Wine in our relationship! Joy, laughter, adventures, and lightheartedness will be restored. Conflict and competition no have a stronghold! Thank you GRC Online pastors Josh and Darren for reaching into to depths of what Jesus wants to heal in His people! Thank you, Jesus for Beautiful Days!!

City, State
Menifee, CA
LIllian Ciaramitaro

I don’t want to be doomed anymore

City, State
Farmingdale NY
Linda Blechinger

I am believing that both of my sons who were brought up in the faith will return to the Lord- Derek 31 and David 29 and their girlfriends.
My husband, Daniel passed away 4/19 from Lymphoma- they were all very close and I pray and expect that God causes all things to work together for good for those who live Him who are called according to His purpose.
They are wonderful sons but honestly we’re very hurt by the church and Christian College- so much Dan and I did not know about until years later. May their hurts be healed and filled. David has over come Aspergers but still has some struggles may the Lord completely heal him! We give Him all glory for what He has done! They both have a call in their lives.
I miss my precious husband so very much but proclaim Gods joy for the grieved heart! On the morning Dan passed the Lord brought me to Isa. 54:4-6 and I knew it was the day of his home going. I have started a women’s Ministry. EVE Women’s Ministry to help women over come their past as well as financially minister to orphans and widows through the donations we receive. Please pray in agreement with us. God has brought five women together and we are believing we can share the love and healing of our great God!
Thank you all so much- you are such an incredible blessing and have truly ministered life to me as I’ve walked through the hardest days of my life. The Lord bless and keep you, may His Fave shine upon you and give you His peace!!

City, State
Auburn, Ga
Jacqueline Revan

I am asking prayer for my son Tristian who has special needs, non-verbal, and has a seizure disorder.

Rebecca Williams

I’m so excited to be enjoying Days of Heaven on Earth. The past 2 years I’ve looked for a job and kept getting passed by. I cried out to the Lord and felt He was saying, “Not now. You’re in training.” I wasn’t sure what He meant. The past few weeks were extremely hard as I was daily oppressed and discouraged about getting work. I chose to not worry and be in fear and run to the Lord. I asked for a verse to meditate on and He gave me, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want..” I love the whole passage but this part was my battle cry, my security blanket. Well, “out of the blue” my husband was talking to a lady who had been searching for someone to clean her Air B&B in town. My husband passed me the phone as I was getting ready for an outing that day. I talked with Melanie and I got the job! It was tailored made for me. I was/am in awe. It felt surreal. I asked God, “Why does this seem not real? Did I make this up?” He told me “It’s bc you didn’t get this job in your flesh or by your works. I gave it to you.” This has grown my trust in Him so much. I am starting to believe on a deeper level that He WILL? CAN take care of me, on a personal level. HALLELUJAH! PTL!!

City, State
Deborah Reece

You know everyone doesn’t have a family. I only have my pets. What about those of us who are praying for a godly spouse? Why don’t you help us and pray for us instead of assuming everyone has a spouse? It’s very hard to find a godly spouse these days. Why not pray for God to bring happy marriages instead of just preaching to people who are married?

City, State
Concord, NC
Amy Harris

Thank you so much for the prayers for family at the end. For health and wholeness. I would love prayers for my daughter who is 6 and has been diagnosed with autism as well as 2 genetic disorders. I prayed over her when you were praying thank you

City, State
Susan Hong

Thank you GRCO, Pastor Josh and Pastor Darren and Joseph Prince and the team. I look forward to the next care group session and more. Admittingly, I don’t get everything you all discuss in the sessions so I am thankful I can come back and listen to it again on my own time. Even when I am doing activites, I would turn it on throughout the day and it’s like I have a company of friends at my home when in fact it’s just me, and that has been a blessing. I can’t tell you the times I had wished to have a gathering like this, discussing pastor prince’s sermons and being open about the struggles we face and the encouragement I received from listening to you all share. Thank you for your prayers too. You put to words some of the questions and issues I have been dealing with and how to practically apply them in my own life. And to remind me of my position is in Christ and that I am already in the heavenly realm. To see it as rain coming down is a great illustration I have been using in my own life. Even though I don’t see any manifestation, it gives me hope and paints a picture in my heart though very simple but powerful against the other negative pictures I have had.

City, State
Beaumont, California
Susan Sujong Hong

also thank you for pointing me to the Lord, all glory and praise.

City, State
Beaumont, California

prayer for us for my family

City, State
willene botha

i thank you for your depth.
My single life is very lonely ..I am hoping to fin d a good wonderful husband. I will honour you for the rest of my life-Jesus.

City, State

Thank you for praying for me , both pastors .You prayed for my illness and also the new wine.I am healed , thank you.

City, State
Cynthia Diebold

Thank you! Such Glory and Peace permeating my Spirit – I am in Awe of how God works – loved the vision about seeing God’s Blessings raining/reigning down on our house – I went into a full vision of that and total restoration to my family which is coming to fruition even now – a beautiful Garden of the Lord sprouted up – those seeds of Faith, hope, and mercy for Restoration which I sowed in tearful years of tragedy, I am now seeing restoration for my marriage and family relationships – God’s Blessings of Abundant Life and Many Days of Heaven here on Earth are happening now – With continued Hope in Jesus – my confident expectation for good things because Allthings work together to my good! Thank you Jesus!

City, State

Thank You!!, I really feel like this has helped!

City, State
Demi Effiong

The message was simple, easy to understand, apt, applicable, very real, inspiring, correcting, instructing in righteousness. Just like Jesus.
Thank you to Pastor Darren and his family, Pastor Josh and his lovely wife for sharing with me their experiences and how they apply God’s word. God bless you.

City, State
Lagos, Nigeria

I love this! I REALLY needed this today! Having a down and lonely day because all my family is so far from the Lord

City, State

I didn’t come to know the Lord until I was 28, and my sons were 11 and 8. I didn’t have Christian parents or siblings to go to for help in walking with Jesus and my husband is a very ungodly, abusive man. (now my ex after 20 years of abuse and unfaithfulness) Now my sons are 52 and 50 and far from the Lord, so we need a huge miracle to restore, heal, etc.!! I listen to Pastor Prince 7 mornings a week and keep praying for my sons and my siblings. (parents both gone)

City, State
Bartow, Florida
Shawna Hagans

I was so blessed this morning. This is my first time participating. The Lord demonstrated his love for me by having me choose a care group where one of the pastors is from my home of Long Island, New York. I felt at home and was blessed by the word. I am a pastor in Georgia. I share the grace message that I have learned from Pastor Prince. His messages saved my life. I was bound by law and miserable. Now I am free and enjoying life by grace. Thank you.

City, State
Hoschton Georgia
Diana M Langhorne

I recently started listening to GRC online and then the care groups. I am so grateful I found you as I can feel the love in your hearts coming through my computer! Also, Pastor Darren had a word of knowledge that Jesus was healing stomachs and I immediately took it as I had been experiencing problems recently. The very next day I was healed! Glory to God!! Thank you for your dedication to this ministry.

City, State

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DeolaOgden UT
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I love the fact that I can take GRC online with me from city to city. My work is moving me from Augusta GA to Ogden UT. Very glad, I will not miss church
Reginafrom Live Chat
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I love that we can connect in this way when we cannot connect physically at this moment. Thank you for such encouragement. So much needed.
Chelsfrom Live Chat
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This is my first time participating with this group. I listen to Pastor Prince off & on for several months & it always blesses me. This time I havebeen experiencing terrible headaches & other health issues that have caused me to be very discouraged. My faith in the provisions that Jesus accomplished for us has grown dim. This message & being part of this group right now is really encouraging me!
C. Chestnutfrom Live Chat
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Pastor Darren was praying for God’s tangible presence to touch those who felt lonely and isolated. Jesus tangibly let me feel his amazing presence then. Thank you Jesus! Pastor Darren thank you.