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Rest in the Midst of Unrest

Main idea

In this care group, Pastor Darren Sim and Pastor Josh Holohan talk with other members of the GRC Online family about the digital church community and share more on the topic: Rest in the Midst of Unrest.

Take part in this digital care group session on your own or together with your friends and family. Feel free to use this guide to follow the conversation with our pastors, use it for your personal time of study, or to facilitate more conversations with your community.

1. God's way of rest

With news of crisis and great unrest all around the world, it can seem like that is your portion too, but that cannot be further from the truth. As a child of God, you don’t have to wait until everything is good before you rest or enjoy peace. You can enjoy supernatural rest right now, even amid a challenge or an unfavorable situation. 

When you see these things happening, God’s Word says, “Do not fear. Do not be afraid.” (Isa. 41:10) Activate your faith by expecting God to do what He said in His Word He would do!

In the midst of chaos, difficult situations, and unrest, we can enjoy His supernatural rest.

As you rest in the Lord and His finished work, you will experience supernatural acceleration in every area of your life.

2. Own the Word

Despite how things look on the outside, God’s Word and promise for us is Rest and Acceleration. Let’s decide to step into His promise by faith, not being swayed by what the news says and what is happening around the world.

One practical way to experience God’s rest in the midst of unrest is to pray in the Spirit, which God’s Word says is the rest and refreshing (Isa. 28:11–12).


Praying in the Spirit

This week, take five minutes out of your day to pray in the Spirit. Prioritize praying in tongues and ask the Lord to show you how you can make it a habit to pray in tongues often throughout the day. You can start with just five minutes; while doing the dishes, walking in the park, or waiting in traffic. 

Rest is not inactivity; it is Spirit-directed activity. As you pray in the Spirit, you’ll begin to experience the abundant, fruitful life He meant for you to live!

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Questions about this topic

Do you have a question that you would like answered from this care group session? Here are some thoughts from the team that we would like to share.
  • All the bad news I hear about the world has got me feeling very worried and fearful. What should I do?

We will see the world getting darker, but we do not need to live in constant fear as believers. It can be disheartening to see all this happening, but you can rest easy knowing that you have a Savior who promised to deliver you from the fowler’s snare and perilous pestilences (see Ps. 91). You have a strong and able Shepherd who takes care of you, leads you to good places, protects you, and lovingly watches over you (Ps. 23:1–4). 

It is also important to guard what you hear, see, and what is in your heart. Proverbs 4:20–22 says, “My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh.” 

You guard your heart by guarding what comes through your ear and eye gates. If you are only feeding on the news or the unending stream of information on the Internet, it is no wonder that you feel anxious, worried, and full of fear. While it is all right to read the news and stay updated with what is happening around the world, don’t overdose on information and knowledge that do not infuse you with God’s rest and peace. 

Every day, take time to tune out the noise of the world and tune in to what God is saying to you. Feed your heart with God’s promises and faith pictures, talk to a friend about the loveliness of Jesus, or take time out to worship in His presence. As you choose to hear and see Jesus—instead of the news, you will see your fears and worries melt like wax in the presence of the Lord (Ps. 97:5).

Additional resources for you to check out:


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Bridget Hill

Praying in the spirit has changed my life so much. Things that would have crushed me, and sent me in a downward spiral have instead given me strength and discernment. It’s brought me in to a deeper relationship with the Lord. It’s part of my daily routine through out the day. I am so thankful for Joseph Prince Ministries for the revelation of being baptized in the Holy Spirit and the finished work of Christ.

City, State
Clemmons, NC
Susan Hong

Amen, I rejoice with you Bridget and this wonderful grace gift. It has helped me too, in more ways than I realize and it’s a continual process. I just went over the message in praying in the Spirt to remind me to persevere, I just think to myself, ‘I need all the help I can get” and why not tap into power that the old testament believers didn’t have. Why leave it dormant? Need it more than ever this these last days.

City, State
Beaumont, California
Denise Jensen

So grateful for the Lobby discussion with the many listeners all over the US, with Pastor Darrin and Pastor Josh. It was reassuring to know others are in the same position of knowing the importance of a local church, yet cannot go back to the mixed message after hearing the real GOSPEL OF GRACE. Many have said, “there is no perfect church” – i know that, I’m not looking for perfect, but the true message of the GOSPEL!! My life/spirit has been forever changed by listening and reading messages from Joseph Prince. So many questions I’ve had about faith, OT/NT, have been answered. I have known and served the LORD for over 40 yrs. and loved JESUS, but listening and reading Pastor Prince has provided an altogether fresh and new way of understanding grace. I truly cannot help but to tell others about the the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD in CHRIST because of HIS finished work. THANK YOU Pastor Prince/ New Creation Church and Grace Revolution!! I want to be a part of this end time movement and church – let leaders arise in Michigan and all over the US, that we can partner and speak the TRUTH of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST. My hand/heart is raised and ready. I listen to JP on TV every morning before work, plus Sunday – I have 15 notebooks full of life changing truth…..cannot get enough….Praising our LORD!! With Deep gratitude and love, Denise

City, State
Wixom, MI
Sandra Stacey

Amen, Denise. This is my first time and I am watching from a recent video that they shared in email. This was wonderful. God bless you! Happy resurrection day!

Peggy Jo Farr

Thank you for sharing about the care group and the encouraging words and practices this week. I pray in the spirit, but now I am working on being more consistent daily. Thank you, again GRC.
I appreciate your ministry and your prayers. I am hoping and expecting a breakthrough. Amen! Thank you, Jesus!

City, State
Latrobe, PA
Barb Purcell

Thank you!

City, State
Barb Purcell

local church seems lifeless and I don’t want to go away from that, but not sure what to do about it except feed where I can be built up in my faith.

Barb Purcell

how do you go to the “lobby”? I need prayer

City, State
Kalispell, MT
Joey Ong

Hi Barb! You can go to, create an account, and you can request prayer from others in the community, leave a prayer or an encouragement for others requesting prayer and participate in other conversations that our GRC Online community are having 😊

Mabiala Marcel Mukandila

Hi I want to be a member of GRC with my all family and I want to know how I can join all the services as it’s coming Digital. I have been following Pastor Prince since Africa till I am now based in Massachussets, Please I need Help in this regard….

City, State
107 Westford Street Apt A
Joey Ong

Hi Mabiala, we’re so glad you’re here! You can connect with us at There you will find other ways to get connected to our GRC Online community such as our Digital Care Groups and our online church lobby!

Sandra Stacey

Applause, and praising Jesus for the life and restoration and renewal for @Terry!

City, State
Sandra Stacey

Praise the Lord, Pastor Josh and Darren for your sensitivity and spirit led answers. Enjoying this and the importance of stewarding Pastor Prince’s vision and grace message not being hijacked.

City, State
Roswell, NM
Sandra Stacey

Spoken word is powerful and is not distant in Jesus. So great that the Word of God proceeds from our mouths and goes forth as Jesus in the world. He is alive in believers. We are united to Him and death, sickness, poverty has to get under Christ’s feet. Devils must bow their knee to the name of Jesus. Amen!

City, State
Roswell, NM

I need prayer for both of my adult children. Amber, 31, and TJ, 29. They are not walking with the Lord, although they both know Him. It has been very difficult to watch them struggle and get mad at us because we won’t “help” them. I did not get a text, email, call, nothing for Mother’s Day from either one of them. Now my son is mad because we won’t let him and his Great Pyrinese come and live with us. ( He has come back home 6 times!) The enemy is beating me up making me feel guilty for not letting him come back. I refuse to enable him anymore. Am I wrong?

City, State
Grandview, MO
Susan Hong

Praying in the Spirit for you Tammy and your two adult children. It’s not easy when things are not smooth and doubts arise, anger comes in. My own parents think I am in the wrong and my sister gets upset when I try to talk about the Lord with her. So I’ve learned to rely alot in praying in the Spirit. And I can’t seem to put my finger on it but some improvement has happened. May I encourage you to listen to the “praying in the Spirit” video on this site and why not tap into this grace gift by praying yourself since the (Holy Spirit) knows more about what is going on with your family and kids and knows what to pray to someone greater who is for us. He loves you and want to cooperate with you. Believing and praying to our Father.

City, State
Beaumont, California
Judy Davidson

Could relate to much of what the group spoke about. And hind sight being 20/20 so many things are making more sense and I can see The Lord supplying for all of us, GRC, NCC, JPM and myself. I love it!

City, State
Bridgeport, NY 13030

Comments from Facebook & Live Chats

Triana S.
Triana S.from our Facebook group
Read More
I love these digital group sessions! Of the many take-aways available, the ones that stood out to me had to do with the practical, free flowing, non-formulaic ways we can spend quality time with God across the seasons of our lives. Hearing how Pastor Prince and GRC staff have us on their hearts made me feel loved and connected. Thank you pastors for being relatable, for sharing in authentic and humble ways, and for letting us know how you successfully face the same challenges we do! Looking forward to the next digital care group.🙌
Donna S.
Donna S.from our Facebook group
Read More
The digital care group discussion was so practical and helpful. I listened to it twice today and the activities are so very useful for me to put all this into practice. I'm so thankful to both of you (and of course Pastor Prince as well) for doing this!
joyfullyHuntersville, NC
Read More
So glad to be part of GRC and this wonderful care group!!! 🙏😀❤️ So very blessed! The Lord bless you Pastors and your families!! I feel so loved and cared for! There’s no distance in the Spirit! I love and pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ🙏❤️...
Liz GAGeorgia
Read More
We truly feel like we are valuable members of GRC though we are physically distant.
Wendy HAustin, TX
Read More
This is awesome, I work two weekends out of the month, as I am not able to get to church. So now I am so blessed to have this gathering in my home.
LoneyVictoria, BC
Read More
Thank you for the care group notes, that’s really great!! Something we can work on during the week - really appreciated.
Lisa W@username
Read More
GRC online is an answered prayer for me. 🙏🏽 Thank you for a rhema word. Jesus loves me and I’m never alone.